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Greater Essex Perinatal Mental Health Website Survey

Help the NHS to create their new website by completing this short survey.

“We’re looking to develop a new website to provide support and guidance for new and expecting parents, professionals supporting new parent and their carers with their Mental Health. The website will span across Greater Essex. Our aim is to find out what users would find most useful from this website.

We’ll use this information to design a better website for you. The survey shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete.”

Complete here. 

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Food and Farm Discovery Coordinator – The Country Trust

Looking for a new, flexible and rewarding career in 2022? National food and farming education charity, The Country Trust may have the role for you. 


If you’re someone who is passionate about providing immersive, hands-on experiences for children to connect with the world of food and farming, they’d love to hear from you. 


The Trust has ambitious plans for 2022 and beyond. In collaboration with farmers, teachers, and educators, they’re aiming to support more children than ever before through connecting them to the land that sustains us all.   


The Trust is recruiting a range of roles including a Food and Farm Discovery Coordinator working across Essex.

Closing date: 6 January, 8am. 


Find out more about all these roles and apply online: 


For enquiries, or an informal chat, email: [email protected] 

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The Art Ministry is back

Art & craft clubs for children, young people & adults – all needs catered for

The Art Ministry run art and craft sessions at our base in Hadleigh.

These sessions help people make new friends, increase their self esteem, boost their self confidence, and HAVE FUN!

We also provide art and craft activities at lots of local community events – check our Facebook page for details.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 07582 025163

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Service Delivery Manager – The Art Ministry

Salary: £18,304 per annum

Hours: 28 hours per week, to be worked flexibly

Closing Date: 31/12/21

The Art Ministry needs an experienced service delivery manager to help us meet the day to day demands on our charity and to take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges that are ahead of us in the charitable sector.

We are a small Essex based charity helping the community engage in creative art and craft activities to maintain and improve their mental health and well-being. At the core of our service provision are weekly sessions for children and adults with additional needs, adults with physical, visual and/or mental issues.

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Co-ordinate the delivery of the Charity’s  services, by making best use of the resources available, such as employees, volunteers, funding and premises
  • Ensure that the Charity’s services are focussed on meeting its desired outcomes
  • Represent the Charity in various public contexts and help develop and maintain relationships with key external partners and agencies
  • Support the continued expansion and development of the Charity’s services through effective partnership working and use of funds
  • Support the Charity’s strategic and annual operational plans to ensure that the services offered align with those plans

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Committed and highly self-motivated
  • Able to enthuse, inspire and motivate others in order to ensure that the objectives of the Charity are achieved
  • Able to work in a self-directed manner, and as part of a team, including the ability to develop and build   good working relationships with stakeholders and partners
  • Able to network and communicate with a wide range of people and organisations
  • Highly professional in their approach to all tasks
  • Able to work under pressure, manage competing priorities, and ensure deadlines are met
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office packages and other commonly used business/charity applications and who has excellent organisational, administrative time-management, written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to drive and who has access to a car for business use

How to apply:

Please visit our website and download and complete the relevant forms Delivery Manager Vacancy.htm

Closing date: 31/12/21

If you have any questions please email them to [email protected]

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Transport Offer for Essex Residents unable to get to a Covid-19 booster appointment

People living in Essex, who have no means of transport, can now get help to attend pre-booked appointments.
People who are struggling to attend their booster jab appointment because of transport issues can now get help from Essex County Council.
The Essex Wellbeing Service is now able to organise transport for Essex residents who are finding it difficult to organise a way to attend their vaccine appointment. Transport will be provided by taxi service.
This service is free of charge and can also be used if you need transport to get to your first or second dose appointments.
Essex residents who would like help getting to their appointments can email [email protected] or call 0300 303 9988. The phone line is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. Callers’ needs will be verified, and they will be asked to provide their booking reference or a screenshot of their appointment confirmation.
Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “We don’t want anyone to be left behind in receiving their Covid-19 booster jab.
“If getting to an appointment is an issue because someone doesn’t have access to transport for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to call or email the Essex Wellbeing Service.
“Book your appointment and contact them, it’s so important that everyone is protected.”
Alternatively, in some areas of Essex there are Community Transport routes which residents without transport can contact directly. These are also for pre-booked appointments.
Community360 for the Colchester or Maldon area: 01206 216600.
Epping Forest Community Transport: 01992 579556.
Braintree Community Transport: 01376 557883.
Tendring Community Transport: 01255 436962 or 07948 055888.

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How to put on a successful fundraiser

Successful fundraisers tend to rely on one core element: emotion. If you make people cackle, if you make them chuckle, if you even make them cry, the chances are they will reach for their wallets to help you. If fundraisers can just make people feel things, the more money they are likely to raise.


In today’s podcast, we are talking about fundraising ideas. We will discuss, among many other things, what makes a good virtual fundraiser and what makes a good physical fundraiser. We will talk about the importance of hybrid and also throw out some of our favourite fundraising ideas.


Charity Digital Content Editor, Ioan Marc Jones, is joined by three esteemed colleague, Laura Stanley (Content Lead), Lisa Chomette (Business Development Manager), and Stewart Barber (Client Account Specialist) to discuss their thoughts on fundraising ideas.


Listen to the Podcast here. 

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What will events look like in 2022?

The pandemic has had a huge knock-on effect on charity events. From fundraising to awareness raising, events are vital for not-for-profit organisations. Many charities rely on event fundraising to grow their income, so not being able to hold physical

gatherings has been a real blow for the sector.


For the past 18 months, charities have turned their hands to virtual events to increase fundraising income. They’ve shown great skill and ability to run these well.


Now that life in the UK has returned to an “improved normal”, how will event teams run events next year and beyond? Will they stick with virtual, move back to physical, or combine the best of both worlds?


The hybrid model

There are lot of benefits to hosting events online, including being able to reach broader audiences and cost savings. For example, when you run events virtually, you save on things like venue fees, photography, and merchandise.


On the flip side, we know there are lots of benefits to holding physical events. One of the biggest advantages is they give delegates the chance to network with others and feel a part of something. This social element is harder to achieve virtually.


So, is it possible to merge the two? Hybrid events – combining virtual and live elements – can bring together the benefits of both types of events.


YourStory says hybrid events combine a small group of people at one location with lots of others joining in remotely. It says: “Hybrid events are made for the COVID-19 era. They bring together the charm of physical presence as well as the convenience of remote participation.”


Hybrid events also give people choice about whether to attend virtually or in person. This is particularly helpful for people who may have health concerns and don’t yet feel comfortable returning to physical events.


Making physical events safe

It’s important charities think about how they can host physical events safely. Delegates will want to know there are protocols in place to keep everyone safe. This includes everything from providing hand sanitiser at registration desks to reducing occupancy numbers in venues.


Open Audience says there are lots of health and safety protocols and different groups of people to consider. It says: “There is the audience, the speakers and the technology crew. For example, in physical meetings the AV team normally stand by to attach the mic to the speaker. Does the tech person leave the mic on the table, and explain how to attach and use the mic?”


Using advanced technology

Event venues will need to be more tech savvy. EventsCase says that having a larger online audience means you need the latest technology in networking, cyber-security, online conferencing, audio components, and cloud-based technology.


Event organisers may also want to consider introducing more visual content using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


Making the virtual physical

You need to think carefully about how you engage your physical and online audiences. It’s important that virtual audiences can interact in the same way as those attending in-person.


Hybrid events will also need online audiences to be able to interact with live audiences. You could use mobile apps to connect the two groups and help people network, or live polling and Q&As with audiences able to submit questions.


Managing content for a virtual audience

An article in Forbes, which featured interviews with events professionals, says when running hybrid events, you need to think about the content you share with your virtual audience.


Events specialist Dahlia El Gazzar says: “Hybrid doesn’t mean you only broadcast the face-to-face content, because often that content doesn’t translate well to the online audience. You need to consider their online experience and have exclusive content for the online audience.”


Plan your events

It’s important to plan a hybrid event carefully. As part of your planning, you need a strategy and goals. The goal for all hybrid events is to engage as many attendees as possible, no matter how they are taking part.


You should also think about your event programme as it will need more consideration as you balance the needs of two audiences. Marketing is also important so think about creating a website for your event or adding dedicated event pages to your existing website. You also need to send out emails to potential delegates.

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Granting Christmas wishes for local charities

The wishes of half a dozen local charities have been granted as we completed our first round of payouts from our new Community Fund this week.

Six charities from across Essex, each benefiting the community in entirely unique ways, received gifts of between £2k and £5k to assist them with their efforts and for specific projects and improvements. These ranged from easing isolation for members of the BAME and disabled communities, providing housing and education to abandoned teenagers, or offering a counselling or advice service.

Nikki from Renew Counselling said; “Each of the groups benefiting today are shining a light in the darkness for the individuals they serve. How appropriate that a Star is helping provide some of that light.”

Other groups benefiting in the first round of payments include Southend YMCA, Happy Hill, Southend Christian Fellowship, the Essex Multicultural Activities Network and Braintree Mencap.

Chelmsford Star Co-op has been providing assistance to hundreds of local groups for over 150 years, but it set up the Community Fund during lockdown as a way to give greater financial aid in a more focused manner. Those benefiting from the grant are selected by a group of our elected members from applications made to the Essex Community Foundation who assist with the managing of the scheme.

Head of Membership for the Society, Kevin Bennett, said; “A portion of every transaction made in our food, department stores or travel agents is redirected into this Fund, along with corporate donations, colleague fundraisers, sales of carrier bags and money from collecting pots left by our generous customers. Local customers and members raised this money and it all benefits local groups who need it. It’s why our Co-op is set up like it is.”

If you would like to find out more about the Chelmsford Star Co-op Community Fund, or perhaps apply for a grant for your own organisation, in the first instance please contact the Membership team.

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Essex Coronavirus Response and Recovery Programme

Apply for support

We want to make it easy for you to access the funding that we have available.

If your charity, voluntary or community organisation is based or working in Essex and needs financial support, we may be able to help.

You can tell us what you need support for at any time and our team will try to find the funds you need. This includes emergency support available from our Essex Coronavirus Response and Recovery Programme.

We have written help and guidance notes – so please do read them before getting in touch.


Answer a few quick questions to check if you are eligible to apply.

Sadly, we cannot contribute funds to general appeals or to other funders.

We have a small amount of funding available to support individuals who are living, or have lived, in Essex, Southend or Thurrock. These funds help children and young adults where money is a barrier to them reaching their full potential. If you are looking for funding please click here and tell us some more information about the support you need.


We are interested to know how you are helping local people in your community and will be pleased to support you through our application process.

You can get in touch using one of the following options:

We are experiencing an unprecedented number of enquiries so if we don’t reply straight away, please bear with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Essex Food Support

Essex County Council are committed to continue supporting communities most in need and that have been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and so are pleased to launch the Food Support Fund so that foodbanks, food pantries, community organisations, schools and voluntary groups can provide support to those most in need.
This funding is for the provision of food for families with children and for individuals from across Essex County Council local authority areas who are most in need.
Applications will be accepted for up to £2500. Please ensure that the amount you request in your application reflects the local need and the number of families and individuals that you plan to support.
You will need to tell them how many families and individuals you expect to be able to provide with this funding and over what period.
This funding will run from Friday 10th December 2021 and all grants awarded must be spent by March 31st 2022. They understand that you may need to provide support to a family on more than one occasion during this period but please make this clear in your application.
They request that at least 80% of your grant application to be spent on families with children.
They are keen that everyone who needs it, has access to support during this period and so they will be sharing details of organisations who receive funding through this grant, so that families and individuals are aware of where they can go for support.
Applications will open on Friday 10th December and remain open until Friday 25th February 2022, or until the funding is fully allocated. Their office will be closed for applications during the Christmas period 24th December to 4th January 2022.
For an application form, please contact the Funding Officer at [email protected]

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