Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose

The purpose of The Essex Alliance is to raise the voice of the community sector and through this the voice of the people of Essex who we support – to facilitate a stronger and more coordinated representation of our unified voice with our stakeholders.

The primary aims and aspirations of The Essex Alliance are:

  • Improved community outcomes and improved quality of service
  • Improved representation of the Community Sector throughout Essex
  • Improved access to Community Sector services
  • Empowered Community Sector and thriving communities
  • Improved community safety
  • Redesigned services/pathways with the help of partners
  • Improved information between partners, members and communities
  • Good ideas and best practice shared with all members and partners
  • Risks and learning shared with each other
  • Inequalities reduced
  • Equality duty met

2. Key principles

  1. To encourage collaboration in discussing and developing innovative new ways to support the people of Essex, Southend and Thurrock
  2. To play a part in raising the voice of the Community Sector in Essex and what is important to the citizens of Essex, demonstrating added value. We bring local intelligence, a proven ability to reach and effectively work with hard to reach individuals and families, and we develop trust, confidence and long-term relationships with the people we support
  3. To bring together Essex representatives of community sector and statutory authorities to work towards strengthening communities in line with the Essex Vision
  4. To share appropriate information and data amongst and between members of The Essex Alliance and public agencies

3. Membership

All Community Sector organisations in Essex are welcome to join including charities, community interest companies, not for profit organisations and social enterprises. Evidence of not for profit status may be requested.

All members will inform their Board of Trustees’ (or equivalent) of their membership of The Essex Alliance. This will demonstrate that The Essex Alliance has full organisational support from its members, thus strengthening its collective and unified voice. All will work to best practice guiding principles on this.

All members are encouraged to support The Essex Alliance initiatives through conversation and communication with their contacts, the wider sector and their local community

There is currently no membership fee.

4. Themes and General Forums of The Essex Alliance

Task & finish groups may be appointed for different purposes to run for whatever period is appropriate, e.g. to respond to consultations or for specific functions of The Essex Alliance.

5. Steering Group and Coordination

A Steering Group will exist to prepare and deliver on an annual plan with clear objectives. The Steering Group will continue to consist of interested members who are strategic leaders from across the sector who self-nominate via The Essex Alliance website. The Steering Group will elect their Chair, Vice Chair and Communications Lead.  A maximum of 12 steering group members per annum.  If there are expressions of interest from more than 12 then a voting system will be employed.

6. Alliance Meetings

The Essex Alliance Steering Group will determine an annual programme of events and meetings.

7. Accountability

The Steering Group is accountable to the full membership of The Essex Alliance. The Essex Alliance is independent and is accountable to itself.

8. Alliance Vision and Values

Vision: Enable the communities in Essex to live longer, healthier and with improved quality of life through high quality, innovative Community Sector representation and partnerships, sensitive to local needs, putting our communities requirements at the heart of all we do, driving value into the sector and establishing respectful, inclusive partnerships with other members and statutory partners.

The Essex Alliance will abide by principles, values and behaviours of the vision set out above, to ensure the function works fairly and effectively.

The principles, values and behaviours of The Essex Alliance are:

  • The Essex Alliance aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism
  • The Essex Alliance must reflect the needs and preferences of members, their partners and their communities
  • The Essex Alliance works across organisational boundaries and in partnership with other organisations in the interest of, local communities and the wider population
  • The Essex Alliance is committed to promoting best value for taxpayers’ money and the most effective, fair and sustainable use of finite resources

Members of The Essex Alliance follow the Nolan Principles of public life which are: Selflessness; Integrity; Objectivity; Accountability; Openness; Honesty and Leadership.

Members of The Essex Alliance act in an appropriate, professional manner, and any issues of dispute relating to The Essex Alliance should be resolved by the function of the Steering Group.

The responsibilities of members are to:

  • Respect fellow members’ needs and contributions
  • Be honest and open in joint working relationships
  • To participate in activities to increase efficiencies
  • Act as an ambassador for The Essex Alliance