Board diversity: The candidates are there, the problem is how charities recruit

Posted on: October 11, 2021

Open recruitment is closing the gap on board diversity but there is a disparity in outcomes for candidates. Janet analyses the findings from Reach’s new report.

Board diversity has been a hot topic for several years but it often feels like little progress has been made. Analysis of our data at Reach shows that there are grounds for optimism: there is a diverse pool of candidates and open recruitment is closing the gap. However, there is also a disparity in outcomes for candidates relating to  age and ethnicity, showing that there is important work to do.

Reach Volunteering provides a free (to charities with a turnover of under £1m) trustee recruitment service, based on a supported self-service model. We have analysed the age, gender and ethnicity of applicants and appointees from 2017 through to 2020. It is a large data sample: 8,725 people making 15,398 applications, resulting in 3,169 trustee appointments.

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Author: Jade Bolton
Categories: News

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