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Posted on: October 9, 2019

We need your help!

Following our previous posts regarding applying to join our Steering Group, we have whittled the applicants down to just 3. Please read through their introductions below, and then vote for your preference using the form at the bottom of this page.

Alison Cunningham

Listening Post

I am a qualified counsellor and opened a not for profit counselling agency within Basildon Essex. Although I do not come from a business background, with passion and a core belief, The Listening Post C.I.C is now in its Third year.
This has taken determination and passion, as well as having to be a fast learner, making decisions as they were needed. Developing new services and enhancing current services. Meeting other organisations and introducing them to the services we provide, ensuring we attend community events for the community to speak to us in a neutral place and see the different services we provide.
I feel strongly in both my area of work, regarding providing a service for the community to be able to access but also that groups and organisations need to work together to truly benefit the community. To benefit the community, we must look at the community with all its needs and treat each community with a holistic approach.
In order to achieve this, I believe that being a part of the steering group, listening to other organisations and groups, who are the forefront of providing services and hear what the community is asking for, we can provide a way forward to achieving a happier vibrant community.
Whilst also helping and working with other organisations to develop networks, build working relationships and signpost the community to.
Lorraine Pendleton


Provide is a community interest company providing NHS health services. As volunteer coordinator my role is to provide opportunities within our services for volunteers to support and contribute to the wellbeing of our service users. I have been involved in setting up a range of projects working with community services such as community agents, Braintree Mosque, voluntary services, MIND and MAST to promote opportunities for people with mental health challenges to contribute and volunteer. I worked for the Welsh Assembly Government as National Exercise Referral Coordinator for north Wales developing a service for GP’s nationally to refer people onto programmes to tackle chronic conditions. I have recently been involved with the launch of the United in Kind project. I work with Essex and Anglia Ruskin Universities to promote opportunities for young people to work in hospital services to help develop a wider experience of the working world. I am interested in being part of the Alliance Steering group to be part and supportive of bringing organisations and services working together.
Simon Prestney

Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex

Simon is an active charity leader engaging across North East Essex and Witham. Simon Chairs the Dementia Action Alliance in Tendring and the Older People’s Forum in Colchester and is part of boards with the Health and Wellbeing Alliance on both End of Life and Dementia, attends the Pan Essex Dementia Action Alliance, One Colchester, Tendring CVS Forum, the Older People’s Forum Tendring, Sport England Bid Management Committees (LDP) in Colchester and Tendring and the Evaluation Committee at County Level in relation to getting people moving in later years for improved health.
Joining Age Concern in 2017 the charity has grown from a small organisation in Colchester across North East Essex and Witham. In 2019 Witham Age Concern approached us to join forces and funding has already been sourced to increase activity in the area. Tendring also approached us for support and befriending in the home and the advice service is operating successfully and growing.
As a charity we now have multiple relationships and partnerships spanning the NHS, Councils, Charity Sector and the Private Sector. Membership of the steering committee would be linked to a passion for the growth of the charity sector and a strengthening of activity. I believe the forum was set up for this purpose and therefore there appears to be a good fit with the objectives of the group and what I believe in. I enjoy connecting people, activities and solutions for the benefit of those we serve.

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