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Posted on: November 16, 2021

When you first realise that your child experiences the world in a different way it can feel overwhelming, but once you begin to understand their way of thinking it can be rewarding and you can learn so much from your child.


We are a group of parents, at various stages on this same journey. We were desperate for guidance and didn’t know where to look to find what we needed. A few years on, our knowledge has grown. We now know there is a lot of information available, but it can be hard to find the bits that are factually correct and relevant to your own situation.


So, we wanted to share not only our own experiences, tips, and best practices, but also those of other families and children from across Essex, Southend and Thurrock, who have been where you are now.


We have provided an overview of what we have found to be the most relevant information from sources such as the NHS website, national charities and IPSEA but we aren’t trying to recreate textbooks that are already available. There are links included that you could follow to find out more on specific topics.


We have also recommended some books, videos and blogs, which are all resources that we have used ourselves. We don’t intend for you to read this whole pack in one go, but dip in and out when each section becomes relevant to your family’s situation. Just as every child is unique, every family’s experience will be different, but we hope there will be some information here that will help you.


Books and websites can provide very useful guidance but we believe it is equally important to find your own ‘tribe’ of other SEND parents, who will understand how you are feeling and provide emotional, as well as practical, support. Thanks to all of the young people, parents and professionals who have provided input.


Good luck on your journey. Maggie, Paula, Sam, and Katrina


Read the supporting document here. 

Author: Jade Bolton
Categories: News

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