Suffolk and North East Essex ICS VCSE Assembly Chair

Posted on: May 24, 2022


Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System


Flexible across Suffolk and North East Essex


£65 – 80K p.a. pro rata (2.5 days per week (minimum))

Closing date

8 Jun 2022


In Suffolk and North East Essex we are genuinely ‘Can Do’ in the way that we work together as a local health and care system. We are committed to improving health and wellbeing outcomes for the local population we serve and we are ambitious about what we can achieve together. Our core ICS values are that we are: COURAGEOUS, COLLABORATIVE, COMPASSIONATE, CREATIVE, COMMUNITY FOCUSED and COST EFFECTIVE

The ICS VCSE Assembly Chair will lead the establishment of the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS VCSE Assembly, continuing to build relationships across the local VCSE sector and wider health and care partners and further developing the role of the VCSE sector through the ICS. The post holder will be accountable to the local VCSE sector through the ICS VCSE Assembly and its steering group. They will represent the Assembly on the wider Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and will be considered for appointment as a voting member of the NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB).

At its heart, our ICS is an equal partnership across the NHS, Local Government and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) increasingly characterised by positive relationships between local health and care leaders, courageous joint action to address problems and a genuine ‘Can Do’ attitude that enables meaningful partnership and integrated thinking and working at every level.

The VCSE sector is regarded as an equal partner in the ICS with a vital role in improving the health and care outcomes for our population active at all tiers of the system including local neighbourhoods, place-based Alliances and across the wider Suffolk and North East Essex system. Local VCSE sector leaders believe in the importance of working closely together with wider partners in health and care through the ICS.

From July 2022 the ICS will transition to statutory arrangements under the new Health and Care Act 2022. We see this as an opportunity to further enhance and build on our achievements to date including the role of the VCSE sector in the system. A panel of local VCSE leaders have developed proposals to establish an ICS VCSE Assembly which will work with all stakeholders to ensure and support appropriate engagement, contribution and collaboration at every level of system. The VCSE Assembly will build on and connect with current VCSE networks with support from the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and the ICP Secretariat.

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