Public willingness to participate in fundraising events rises

Posted on: November 8, 2021

The percentage of people donating has fallen slightly in the last three months but willingness to participate in fundraising events has risen across the board, with more than half of people believing it is time for the UK to move on from the pandemic, according to research from Enthuse.

While more than two thirds (69%) of people say they are worried about the long-term effects of the pandemic on life in the UK, according to the research, 56% state that they believe it is time for the UK to move on.

41% of those people surveyed identify as ‘worried and ready’, meaning they are both concerned about the long term effects of Covid, but also feel it is time for the UK to move on. An additional 28% of people are worried and not yet ready for life to return to normal. This leaves 31% of people relaxed and not worried about the impact of Covid on the UK in the short or long term.

The latest edition of Enthuse’s quarterly Donor Pulse report, which surveys 2,022 members of the UK public, explores the impact these differing Covid mindsets will have on charity fundraising and events, as well as changing habits and attitudes to charities, fundraising and donating over the last three months.

Feelings on fundraising

  • 36% of people are likely to take part in a charity event in the next six months – this is a rise of 7% from February.
  • There have been increases in willingness to participate in fundraising events across the board – but most marked is the 18-24 age group rising by 14% (from 43% to 57%) and the 65-80 age group doubling (from 9% to 18%).
  • 36% of the public also say they would be more willing to take part in a mass participation activity if there was a virtual option.

Giving stats

  • For the first time during the pandemic, the percentage of people donating has fallen in the last three months, from 69% to 66%.
  • While there has been a slight rise in the percentage of over 40s donating from 62% to 64%, the under 40s dropped from 81% to 70%.
  • However, the proportion of people donating to multiple charities has mostly held up, with 45% of the public giving to two or more charities in the last three months – down 1% over the last quarter.
  • The people who support the widest range of charities remain Gen Z, with nearly two fifths (38%) giving to three or more causes in the last three months – by comparison only a fifth of Baby Boomers gave to the same number of charities.
  • 41% said they had seen a news story on TV in the last three months that made them want to support a cause, compared to 39% who saw an online news story that provoked the same reaction.
  • 32% said they had gone on to donate after seeing a cause featured on social media.

Direct donors

  • 49% of under 40s would prefer to donate online, and 27% would prefer to use cash.
  • In total, 39% of the public has donated online in the past three months.
  • 67% of online donors prefer to give directly to the charity. The average digital donation comes in at £34 while those direct through the site average £40.
  • 81% of donors remember the name of the charity when they donate through the organisation’s site compared to 60% when using a consumer giving platform.
  • Just 11% of the public have heard that Virgin Money Giving is closing, although 62% have heard of the platform.

Commenting on the research, Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Enthuse Founder and CEO, said:

“Value, preference and connection – three crucial ingredients for charities aiming to build long term relationships with their supporters. The data tells us that there’s a clear preference for donating directly through a charity’s website and that supporters give a greater amount this way. This shows that charities need to give careful consideration to developing the key digital channels they own, such as their website. Long term support is built with direct relationships with supporters, the best way to do that is enabling people to support them via their preferred method.”

Author: Jade Bolton
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