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Posted on: May 20, 2020

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An online platform called PriorityMe is being used to register the patient when they contact Essex Welfare Service (EWS), and then to assign tasks initially to the Community Response Hubs (CRH) to provide support and assistance to those vulnerable people; this could be shopping or collecting prescriptions. If the CRH is unable to assist, EWS assigns the task to a volunteer registered with EWS and they complete the task.  All CRH’s and EWS volunteers are undertaking training on how to use PriorityMe, which typically lasts one hour.

PriorityMe ensures every person that is registered with EWS receives the right level of support for them. The online platform tracks when a patient is registered, what their need is, who is going to support them (CRH or EWS volunteer), what the outcome is, when the task is complete and case closed.

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