Payment in Time: A Volunteering Win-Win

Posted on: May 14, 2020

If you’ve ever tried to recruit volunteers, you’ll be aware that the “feel good factor” often isn’t enough to get as many volunteer applications as you might need.

A number of organisations across Essex are finding that “payment in time” via projects such as Time Credits or Time Bank are a great way to encourage new volunteers to sign up.

What Is It?

With “payment in time” projects reward volunteers by giving them vouchers for each hour they volunteer. These vouchers can then be used for a variety of activities across the county.

How Does It Work?

As an organisation, you register with projects such as Time Credits or Time Bank and then record the number of hours each of your volunteers complete in a given time period (a month, for example).

Your in-house facilitator will then distribute the vouchers to the volunteers, who can spend them directly with the activity of their choice.

What’s the Difference Between Time Credits and Time Bank?

In short, not a lot. Both programs work in a very similar way, but may have different rewards available to volunteers. It’s best to have a look and see what rewards are available in your area before you make your choice.

You can find more about Time Credits at or

Information on Time Bank can be found at

How Can I Sign Up?


To register your organisation with a “payment in kind” project, you’ll need to contact them directly:

Time Credits: email [email protected] or call 029 2056 6132

Time Bank: visit and select the Time Bank in your district

Are There Restrictions with Coronavirus?

You may find that some of the rewards are currently unavailable, but volunteers are able to save up their vouchers to spend later or use for an online activity.

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