Partnering with MoreLife on the Essex Integrated Community Wellbeing Service

Posted on: July 12, 2021

MoreLife is a leading and award-winning provider of healthy lifestyle and wellbeing services, including weight management, smoking cessation, physical activity and health improvement. We have 20 years’ experience of helping thousands of people improve their lifestyles – and gain more from life – and of working with local authorities, the NHS and businesses to create programmes that engage local communities and workforces.

We work by using the evidence and by working closely with communities and key groups to understand what works best for individuals and areas and create tailored programmes. We are a subsidiary of Leeds Beckett University, which means we have ready access to a huge range of expertise in research and consumer insight.

As you may know, Essex County Council is tendering for an Integrated Community Wellbeing Service, and we will be putting in a bid. MoreLife currently delivers some weight management services in Essex, which has given us some insight into the possibilities to deliver greater health and wellbeing for all of Essex’s people.

We believe that MoreLife’s track record and expertise places us in a strong position to deliver Essex’s vision – and we realise the crucial role that partners will play in making that vision a reality. Our approach to partnership includes understanding both the full range of contributions that our partners can make and also what our partners would like from us to help them flourish, whether that is support on evaluation, data management or utilising our research, digital, clinical and communications expertise.

We welcome conversations with any organisation of any size that can contribute to Essex’s health and wellbeing, including from the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors, and who might be interested in working with MoreLife.

Please contact Leanne Dykes on [email protected] or call: 07503 647 448

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