Grants for re-opening Essex children’s & youth clubs

Posted on: February 8, 2021

Grassroots children’s/ youth clubs in Essex (not including Southend & Thurrock) have been closed due to the pandemic, and many are hoping to re-open soon.

We have some support designed specifically to help re-mobilise these clubs-

1.)  A grant of up to £500 to help with club reopening costs related to Covid-19 (Open Now! Until February 22nd 2021)

2.)  Telephone support, guidance/ risk assessment advice that you might need to help (Available from the start of Feb- end  of March)



1.) Grant for remobilising grassroots children’s & youth clubs in Essex

This grant is designed to support small, local not for profit voluntary children’s and youth groups/clubs only.

The grant can cover Covid-19 associated costs with the reopening of these groups/ clubs. (applications open from 13/01/2021-22/02/2021)

What can these costs include?

  • Covid-19 related hygiene costs (e.g. Hand sanitizer, soap, face masks, gloves, increased venue cleaning or equipment costs.)
  • Covid-19 related Infrastructure costs (e.g. Plexiglass screens, wall mounted dispensers, signage, increased venue hire costs

      to comply with social distancing.)

  • Covid-19 related volunteer training costs
  • Subs money covered for one term (up to £40 per child/ young person) for families struggling to pay subscription fees to

      Voluntary, not for profit children’s or youth clubs who are affiliated to a national or Essex based governing body.

Who can apply?

Small, local grassroots and not for profit children’s and youth clubs who do not have support of this kind available through local or national affiliated bodies. This might be-

Community based and not-for-profit youth or children’s clubs, uniformed organisations, sports or physical activity groups, musical theatre groups and many more!

Use the attached application form and email it to [email protected] OR have a look at our website and apply online

Contact Rachel Brett for more information   Email: [email protected]  Phone: 01371 404273

2.) Telephone support & guidance for all grassroots children’s & youth clubs in

     Essex to help them re-open-

  • Covid safe guidance and reassurance for re-opening including- ppe, social distancing and becoming a Covid-safe venue
  • Specific risk assessment guidance for Covid safe youth work in each individual setting
  • General risk assessment and safe practice guidance going forward
  • Specific advice on activities and adapting them to meet current regulations safely
  • Help with other venue queries
  • Advice regards to staffing and how to remain safe whilst still maintaining a service
  • Help with sourcing and retaining volunteers
  • Encouragement and guidance for any other questions that groups have around Remobilisation

For help and guidance about the support offered above please contact Sue Pell from Essex Boys & Girls clubs-

email: [email protected]  phone: 01245 264783

This funding is part of the governments covid-19 relief funding for district councils to distribute to vulnerable groups and Essex

Council for Voluntary Services have been asked to lead on the distribution of funds

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