How the Ethical Property Foundation is Supporting the Voluntary Sector During the Covid-19 Pandemic …. & How We Will Adapt to a Post-Covid World.

Posted on: April 30, 2020

Content originally by Antonia Swinson, Chief Executive of Ethical Property Foundation

Today’s new normal came upon us all Henny Penny fashion and everyone in the voluntary sector is still reeling for the realities and consequences.

The everyday work of the Ethical Property Foundation centres on supporting the UK voluntary sector with their property issues. Just a short time ago, many voluntary organisations had to face en masse, the sudden isolation of working from home while leaving behind empty properties. Not surprisingly numbers of enquiries to our free property advice have sky rocketed, but instead of the usual enquiries about negotiating a new lease or how to assess space required when moving we have been receiving calls about water hygiene, blocked loos and of course about those ever unwanted other tenants, rats and mice, with their penchant for chewing vital wires.

Our expert property advice team has put great advice in a free download on our website home page see

As for our affordable consultancy, we are working hard delivering executive property coaching we can deliver through Zoom and helping charities prepare for the long-term in a post-Covid world

What skills will the post-Covid voluntary sector need and what are the gaps in our organisation?

Before the pandemic, Cloud IT was already shaping the use of flexible working in our sector, but could this predominate and therefore saving future premises costs?

How reliant are our beneficiaries on face to face service delivery? Could charities offer a greater proportion of online support, bearing in mind whom that might disadvantage?

And in the long term, could we begin to find great value to be had from commercial landlords not least on our nation’s empty high streets?

Lots of good could in the end come from this. Let us consider for a moment, a new and improved reality. Whether our sector – now the values of community and social cohesion have been finally re-rated in the economic marketplace – might now be due for a well-deserved upgrade?

Author: Steering Member
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