Building our Tribe in Essex

Posted on: May 20, 2020

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Essex County Council is pleased to be working in collaboration with our residents to manage need in the time of Covid-19. While the arrival of Covid-19 in our county has brought with it many challenges it has also opened up new ways for us to support and work together with our residents.

To help us do this, Essex has become one of a small but growing number of local authorities to invest in a digital first approach and the latest tool we have invested in is Tribe.

Tribe is an intelligent app which was developed to address the issue of care dark spots in the UK. In a nutshell, it is Uber for the care and volunteering sectors. Community driven, it places the power in the hands of residents to ask for the help that they need and be matched with people to provide that help.

Through industry-leading ArtificialI Technology, Tribe has inbuilt capabilities to learn and respond to resident and community needs giving deep insight into where help is most needed. All of this is supported by a full suite of analytics which allows organisations and commissioners to undertake predictive needs analysis in real-time.

Tribe was originally identified as a potential solution to a number of public wellness issues in Essex. A pilot project to beta test a small localised rollout was already under discussion when Covid-19 emerged. Kirsty O’Callaghan, Head of Strengthening Communities realised that as well as being the solution to a number of existing problems, Tribe also had the potential to be an innovative solution to new issues emerging during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Early-stage trials were quickly mobilised and the rollout is now underway for the newest tool to support our residents.
The Tribe project is co-collaborative and invites local authorities using the technology to contribute to future development needs so that the software continues to meet the needs of our residents.

Tribe has the highest level of authentication from the NHS and Google. Microsoft has also offered their support to ensure continuity of service for the app.

A full overview can be found on the website and in the brochure.

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2 responses to “Building our Tribe in Essex”

  1. Who is meant to populate this. At Uttlesford CVS and UDC Covid 19 Response Team, we lots of contacts with the local Community Groups who are offering volunteering

    Also Uttlesford Frontline has loads of services that are provided but none of these are showing up. The App will only be used if it is worthwhile having and has all the info people are looking for

    • Hi Christine. This tool is being tested by Rainbow Services in Harlow and CVS Tendring before any further rollout.

      In terms of the volunteers, the project is being supported by the Essex Welfare Service who have been recruiting volunteers throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

      With regards to the need for volunteers, we understand that there is a way to log need onto the system.

      We will provide more info as this system is tested further and we are given updates from ECC.

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