United in Kind

United in Kind

Monday 23rd September will see the launch of #UnitedInKind, which seeks to tackle social isolation and loneliness in Essex.

“Working together to make Essex the kindest county in England”

This social movement enables you to promote your events and activities by working together with others across the county. Through kindness, the aim is to develop personal connections within our communities, our families and our friendship groups. With this movement we hope to combat loneliness, connection by connection. You will continue to have complete ownership of everything you do for any United in Kind activity.

How we can make an impact together

We all know there is no quick and easy solution to tackling social isolation and loneliness. United in Kind believes that Essex communities have a crucial role to play in bringing people together and providing support to those in need. They want to connect with what the third sector is already doing and spark new ideas to create one United in Kind movement across Essex.

How you can be involved

There is already a wealth of activity and individuals tackling these issues within Essex. By using the United in Kind brand, together we can collaborate, amplify messages, share resources, encourage greater communication and reach more people across Essex communities.

How can I find out more?

Follow the conversation online using #UnitedInKind

If you’d like to get involved, click here to view the partner’s toolkit and click here to open the Google Drive folder and find the assets available for your event or activity.

Author: Steering Member
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